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Removals in Goulburn NSW

    Long and short term secure storage solutions in Goulburn

    Need more space?

    Sometimes, whether you're moving home, refurbishing a room or simply having a clear out, you find that you have furniture or other belongings that you want to keep, but don't have space for right now. This can be even more of a problem if you're taking a long term journey or embarking on a lengthy home renovation project.

    For more information, or to discuss your personal or business secure storage needs, call us today on 0408 483 832!

    Secure storage

    Arranging secure storage can also be a major logistical problem for businesses of all sizes, especially for quickly growing companies who find their staff, stock or equipment taking up more and more space, or business who have a lot of specialised tools and gear which aren't used that regularly.

    If you need secure, external storage, Fieldings Removals has you covered. Whether you need storage for short term or for the long haul, we can provide you with a safe storage space at a competitive rate.

    24 hour security surveillance

    Because we understand that everyone's storage needs are different, our warehouse has units in a range of different sizes, ranging from 3m x 3m spaces to 5m x 3m spaces and up to 6 x 3m spaces. All of our units are lockable, so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe.

    But, because we want to keep your belongings protected just as much as you do, we don't stop there. Our warehouse is monitored with 24 hour security surveillance, and is regularly patrolled by our highly trained security staff.

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